Legacy Jace End of Life and Trade Up Program

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We have received questions regarding Legacy Jace Controllers and the ability to upgrade them to Niagara 4.6 and the below Honeywell Bulletins sent out over the last year have addressed this.

  • Honeywell Bulletin 17-0035 - Dated 09.26.2017 - WEB-600 & WEB-700 | End of Life Notice

  • Honeywell Bulletin 18-0005 - Dated 02.15.2018 - WEB-300E & WEB-600E | End of Life Notice

  • Honeywell Bulletin 18-0025 - Dated 05.15.2018 - Release Notice of WEBs-N4.4 | Release Notice

Bulletin 17-0035 announced End of Life for the listed equipment and stated that the performance would be limited on any of the specified legacy Controller when using WEBs-N4.x software. However, the main purpose of Honeywell Bulletin 17-0035 was to announce the Trade-Up program, offering a discount to customers wishing to upgrade to the newest Jace 8000, so as to allow the customer to gain the benefits of the upgraded systems without paying the full price. Honeywell even offered the Trade-Up for non-WEBs branded controllers. Details of the Trade-Up program also outlined that the SMA from any Legacy Controller would not be transferable to the new JACE-8000 purchased via the Trade-Up program.

  • Bulletin 18-0005 announced the End of Life for the listed Controllers.

Bulletin 18-0025, announcing the release of WEBs-N4.4, it stated “While this will be the last minor build to support the legacy WEB-300E, WEB-600, WEB-600E and WEB-700 platforms, there are added enhancements to improve stability”.


  • Tridium and Honeywell support most applications of legacy Jaces to 4.4

  • Upgrade of a Legacy Jace past 4.4 or even possibly 3.8 in some cases, may cause the device to not function properly depending on how large of a system is deployed and how many typical drivers are loaded

  • Jackson Control recommends to replace all Jace 600s and 700s with a Jace 8000 when installing any version of Niagara 4.

Tridium’s Jump to Analytics-Supercharged JACE 8000

Introducing the new JACE 8000 Trade Up program for 2018. This is the year to make the move to the more advanced and secure Niagara 4 platform. Trade legacy JACE® controllers for JACE 8000s loaded with more analytic points and power.


Technology Updates:

  • Do more with Niagara Analytics: Trade legacy JACEs for JACE 8000s with 1,000 analytic points included

  • Get Niagara know-how: Complimentary e-learning courses for Niagara Analytics (one seat for SIs) and Niagara 4 with analytics (one seat for end users)

  • Carefully plan your migration to Niagara 4: Each JACE 8000 in the program comes with a Niagara AX license (JACE - 8000 - AX)

Discounts on large orders:

  • Trade 15 or more legacy JACEs in a single order to receive a 10% discount on JACE 8100s and JACE 8200s

  • Legacy JACEs will be deactivated and removed from field service

  • Consult your Niagara partner for further detial


Active licensed JACE 2, 3E, 4, 5, 6, 6E, 7 (R2 or Niagara AX)


  • Eligible drivers already on the JACE 8000 (Example: DR - MSTP) do not transfer

  • Drivers not available in Nigara 4 do not transfer and are not returned to software stock

  • Discount does not apply to new drivers not already on the target replacement JACE

  • Software options and accessories not already specified do not transfer

  • Third-party drivers and features are not covered under this program. Please contact your source for third-party drivers directly for support.

If you’ve been wanting to utilize the advances in the Niagara Framework and harness the power of the Internet of Things, this is the year for you to get started.

The bigger the jump to JACE 8000, the more you’ll save. Don’t wait - the program end December 1, 2018.

Contact Jackson Control today to get started - 800.772.9859