Tech Tip: Honeywell IO-R Quality Alert


Honeywell has just announced an IO-R Quality Alert. Read below to see if you could be impacted.

If you purchased IO-R-34 with date code ranges from 1804 to 1844, your IO-R-34 units could be impacted by this quality alert. Tridium has observed increased returns for our IO-R-16 and IO-R-34 products and we updated the IO-R-34 product to resolve this issue. 

Changes were made in the power supply on the IO-R-34 to prevent a failure to turn on for some units. This failure is usually experienced during first time start up and commissioning. If an IO-R-16 was installed and powered from an IO-R-34 when it fails, it too could also be damaged.  

Impacted units exhibit the following behavior:

  • IO-R unit fails to power up. The green status LED doesn't light up. 

What should I do if I have an impacted unit? 

  • If your unit has failed please contact your Jackson Control representative

  • If your unit has not yet been installed, please contact Jackson Control support for more information about inspecting/initiating a return.

  • If you have already installed a unit and it is in use, it is unlikely you will be impacted by this failure. However, if you wish to exchange units for an updated IO-R unit, please contact Jackson Control.