Tech Tip - Honeywell MVN Quality Notice

Honeywell’s MVN actuators with date codes from 1821 through 1846 have a manufacturing irregularity that may result in premature failure. The actuators do not respond to input control signal; however, they may respond intermittently. 

The following actuators should be replaced:

MVN713A0000, MVN713L0000, MVN643A0000 and MVN643L0000 actuators within these date codes should be replaced.

Contractor Replacement Actions

Contractors should check their inventory, and recent installations of MVN643/713 actuators. If actuators are found with the affected date code range, complete the attached warranty replacement form and include a photo of the serial number (for your convenience, no more than five photos per project are required). If the actuator was purchased individually or as an assembly with a valve, the process is the same. Please continue to use the existing valve body. Send the form and photos to to receive replacements.

This simplified warranty replacement process makes it unnecessary to return the actuators. This process will be effective until nine months from today.

 Once you receive the replacement actuators, remove the old ones and discard them properly, then install the new ones. 

Due to currently limited factory production, delivery of these replacement units will be as they become available.

Honeywell has determined the root cause of the manufacturing irregularity, and has taken corrective actions to ensure the problem is resolved. Honeywell has determined that this is not a safety concern. Actuators produced after date code 1846 can be used as replacements.

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