Tech Tip: Honeywell WebVision Appliance Available on WEB - 8000


Honeywell has announced that the WebVision Appliance is now available on the WEB-8000 controller hardware platform as a replacement for existing projects. They have kept the same familiar look and feel of the WebVision user interface so there is no need for training. The legacy WebVision (WWA-VLA1000/U) is no longer available as the hardware (JACE-6) that supported it went obsolete. WebVision appliance is now supported on Niagara AX-3.8213.

WebVision communicates over the LonWorks network to perform building management control of various devices through a web browser. This appliance acts as an offline configuration tool that configures a project that consists of unitary controllers.

Since the new WebVision is based on a restricted product, these units can only be sold by Authorized System Distributors to WEBs contracts or LCBS contractors who initially installed WebVision with the older hardware (JACE-6).

How to purchase the New WebVision

Unlike the previous version of the WebVision, there is no single part number to purchase the new WebVision. The link above includes the components of the replacement WebVision. In addition to the hardware controller, each application needs the software maintenance, wall mount power supply and LON module. Finally, you would need to get the WebVision license with the part number WV-8000-LIC.