Honeywell Excel 5000 Product Discontinuation Announcement

(XL50, XL100, XL Smart I/O, XL Touch, XL10, XL12, XL15, XCL8010AU)

This communication serves as formal notification by Honeywell Building Technologies (Honeywell) of its decision to end of life the Excel 5000 controller family products described in detail below.

The Excel 5000 family has been a valued Honeywell product line for over 20 years. The ‘End of Life’ decision for these part numbers was made as part of their on-going product lifecycle management process. The controllers that Honeywell continues to offer for sale, including the Spyder, Stryker, LCBS and CIPer families, provide competitive solutions for a wide range of applications and the controller portfolio is continually being enhanced with new product introductions. Please reference the link below for affected material.

Jackson Control will accept ‘Last Time Buy’ orders of affected part numbers until November 13, 2019. No orders will be accepted after this date. ‘Last Time Buy’ orders will be non-cancellable and non-returnable. Acceptance of ‘Last Time Buy’ orders is subject to product availability and will be made at the discretion of Honeywell. Last time buy orders will be fulfilled on a first-in, first-out basis. Based upon anticipated last time buy demand and current production capacity, customers should anticipate 3 to 6 months for fulfillment of new orders. If a warranty claim is made on any of the affected products, Honeywell will issue a credit in accordance with the credit procedure set forth in the Honeywell Building Management Systems Warranty Policy in place of making a like-for-like replacement or repairing the affected product.

Potential Excel 5000 Substitute products:
• CIPer Model 50 Controller with IF-LON2 (LON Interface Module)
• WEBS Spyder LON Controllers (I.E. PUL402xx, PUL4024xx, PVL4022xx)
• WEBS 800x “JACE” integration controller combined with Spyder Controllers

Note: At this time, Honeywell plans to continue to make available LNS Plug-Ins for XL10/XL12 configuration, but Honeywell reserves the right to discontinue LNS Plug-Ins for XL10/XL12 configuration at its discretion. No further LNS Plug-In development is planned. LNS Plug-Ins require the use of Windows 7 and LNS server 3.27.