FLASH Tech Tip - Java Web Start as of February 13, 2019


As previously communicated by Triidum, Oracle has announced the pending end-of-life of Java SE 8 (Standard Edition). As of January 2019, free public updates are no longer available. Customers accessing Niagara with the Java Applet/Web Start will be impacted by this change. Those who have upgraded to full HTML5 versions for their browser front-end will not be affected. For customers who use the Java VM and Java Web Start for their legacy systems, Tridium is actively developing a suitable alternative.  

UPDATE: Starting with the April 2019 scheduled quarterly critical patch update from Oracle, Commercial Users will have access to updates through My Oracle Support for their Java Applet/Web Start. Or users can begin utilizing the Niagara alternative, Niagara Web Launcher, which is currently scheduled to be available in mid-March.   

Please review this video to get a better understanding of what to expect. 

To assist in understanding the potential impact to your system, please review the FAQ section below. 

Warning message displayed when installing a Java Update:


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will my system stop working?
A: No, your application will continue to work as long as you have your Java Run-Time Engine (JRE) installed. However, you will not receive future security updates after the January 2019 update.

Q: Does this affect Niagara Workbench?
A: No, this does not affect Workbench users.

Q: Does this affect my Niagara Supervisor or JACE?
A: No, Tridium is still providing security updates for these platforms.

Q: Does this affect the web browser I use to access my Niagara system?
A: Yes, this impacts the JRE used in your browser if you are still using Java based views.

Q: Do I need to upgrade my installed version of Java?
A: Our replacement product will not use the version of Java currently installed on your system. Tridium will provide an up-to-date version for use by our application. Please consult with your IT department about updating your locally installed version as changes may impact products from other vendors. 

Q: Which version of Java does the Niagara Web Launcher support?
A: Java 8

Q: Will there be a cost for this new application? 

A: At this time, there will not be a cost for this new application. This is subject to change.

Q: Which versions are supported?
A: AX 3.8 and forward; Niagara 4.4u1 and forward.

Q: Will I have to make changes to my applications?
A: Yes, you will need to update certain modules to provide end users with an application download and start-up link. More information will be provided once the alternative is available.

Q: How will I get the Niagara Web Launcher?
A: Contact your Niagara partner to get the appropriate JAR files.

Q: Will the JRE for Niagara Supervisor and JACEs still be Oracle J2SE?
A: The supervisor and JACE JRE will not be changed as a part of releasing the Niagara Web Launcher.

Q: Will there be some impact (specific bugs, performance, memory) in running two different JREs?
A: We do not expect any issues. 

For additional information from Oracle, check out the Java SE Support Roadmap and the Oracle Java SE 8 Release Notes

Tech Tip: Honeywell IO-R Quality Alert


Honeywell has just announced an IO-R Quality Alert. Read below to see if you could be impacted.

If you purchased IO-R-34 with date code ranges from 1804 to 1844, your IO-R-34 units could be impacted by this quality alert. Tridium has observed increased returns for our IO-R-16 and IO-R-34 products and we updated the IO-R-34 product to resolve this issue. 

Changes were made in the power supply on the IO-R-34 to prevent a failure to turn on for some units. This failure is usually experienced during first time start up and commissioning. If an IO-R-16 was installed and powered from an IO-R-34 when it fails, it too could also be damaged.  

Impacted units exhibit the following behavior:

  • IO-R unit fails to power up. The green status LED doesn't light up. 

What should I do if I have an impacted unit? 

  • If your unit has failed please contact your Jackson Control representative

  • If your unit has not yet been installed, please contact Jackson Control support for more information about inspecting/initiating a return.

  • If you have already installed a unit and it is in use, it is unlikely you will be impacted by this failure. However, if you wish to exchange units for an updated IO-R unit, please contact Jackson Control.

Tech Tip - Honeywell MVN Quality Notice

Honeywell’s MVN actuators with date codes from 1821 through 1846 have a manufacturing irregularity that may result in premature failure. The actuators do not respond to input control signal; however, they may respond intermittently. 

The following actuators should be replaced:

MVN713A0000, MVN713L0000, MVN643A0000 and MVN643L0000 actuators within these date codes should be replaced.

Contractor Replacement Actions

Contractors should check their inventory, and recent installations of MVN643/713 actuators. If actuators are found with the affected date code range, complete the attached warranty replacement form and include a photo of the serial number (for your convenience, no more than five photos per project are required). If the actuator was purchased individually or as an assembly with a valve, the process is the same. Please continue to use the existing valve body. Send the form and photos to HBTProductReplacement@honeywell.com to receive replacements.

This simplified warranty replacement process makes it unnecessary to return the actuators. This process will be effective until nine months from today.

 Once you receive the replacement actuators, remove the old ones and discard them properly, then install the new ones. 

Due to currently limited factory production, delivery of these replacement units will be as they become available.

Honeywell has determined the root cause of the manufacturing irregularity, and has taken corrective actions to ensure the problem is resolved. Honeywell has determined that this is not a safety concern. Actuators produced after date code 1846 can be used as replacements.

Contact Jackson Control today to get started - 800.772.9859

FLASH Tech Tip - Honeywell Buildings Forum Migration

Honeywell's Building Forum is moving to a new SharePoint Server. All users will need to go through the registration process to get a new username and password. The current username and password will not be valid when we migrate to the new SharePoint Server, which is based on Microsoft Office 365. All the content of existing Buildings Forum is migrated to this new SharePoint Server. The new SharePoint Server is now active. All current users must be migrated to the new SharePoint Server by November 15, 2018. After November 15, 2018, no updates will be made to the existing Buildings Forum. The existing Buildings Forum will not be available from December 15, 2018. For more information check Bulletin (18-0053) here; Click Here

Legacy Jace End of Life and Trade Up Program

Jace 8000.jpeg

We have received questions regarding Legacy Jace Controllers and the ability to upgrade them to Niagara 4.6 and the below Honeywell Bulletins sent out over the last year have addressed this.

  • Honeywell Bulletin 17-0035 - Dated 09.26.2017 - WEB-600 & WEB-700 | End of Life Notice

  • Honeywell Bulletin 18-0005 - Dated 02.15.2018 - WEB-300E & WEB-600E | End of Life Notice

  • Honeywell Bulletin 18-0025 - Dated 05.15.2018 - Release Notice of WEBs-N4.4 | Release Notice

Bulletin 17-0035 announced End of Life for the listed equipment and stated that the performance would be limited on any of the specified legacy Controller when using WEBs-N4.x software. However, the main purpose of Honeywell Bulletin 17-0035 was to announce the Trade-Up program, offering a discount to customers wishing to upgrade to the newest Jace 8000, so as to allow the customer to gain the benefits of the upgraded systems without paying the full price. Honeywell even offered the Trade-Up for non-WEBs branded controllers. Details of the Trade-Up program also outlined that the SMA from any Legacy Controller would not be transferable to the new JACE-8000 purchased via the Trade-Up program.

  • Bulletin 18-0005 announced the End of Life for the listed Controllers.

Bulletin 18-0025, announcing the release of WEBs-N4.4, it stated “While this will be the last minor build to support the legacy WEB-300E, WEB-600, WEB-600E and WEB-700 platforms, there are added enhancements to improve stability”.


  • Tridium and Honeywell support most applications of legacy Jaces to 4.4

  • Upgrade of a Legacy Jace past 4.4 or even possibly 3.8 in some cases, may cause the device to not function properly depending on how large of a system is deployed and how many typical drivers are loaded

  • Jackson Control recommends to replace all Jace 600s and 700s with a Jace 8000 when installing any version of Niagara 4.

Tridium’s Jump to Analytics-Supercharged JACE 8000

Introducing the new JACE 8000 Trade Up program for 2018. This is the year to make the move to the more advanced and secure Niagara 4 platform. Trade legacy JACE® controllers for JACE 8000s loaded with more analytic points and power.


Technology Updates:

  • Do more with Niagara Analytics: Trade legacy JACEs for JACE 8000s with 1,000 analytic points included

  • Get Niagara know-how: Complimentary e-learning courses for Niagara Analytics (one seat for SIs) and Niagara 4 with analytics (one seat for end users)

  • Carefully plan your migration to Niagara 4: Each JACE 8000 in the program comes with a Niagara AX license (JACE - 8000 - AX)

Discounts on large orders:

  • Trade 15 or more legacy JACEs in a single order to receive a 10% discount on JACE 8100s and JACE 8200s

  • Legacy JACEs will be deactivated and removed from field service

  • Consult your Niagara partner for further detial


Active licensed JACE 2, 3E, 4, 5, 6, 6E, 7 (R2 or Niagara AX)


  • Eligible drivers already on the JACE 8000 (Example: DR - MSTP) do not transfer

  • Drivers not available in Nigara 4 do not transfer and are not returned to software stock

  • Discount does not apply to new drivers not already on the target replacement JACE

  • Software options and accessories not already specified do not transfer

  • Third-party drivers and features are not covered under this program. Please contact your source for third-party drivers directly for support.

If you’ve been wanting to utilize the advances in the Niagara Framework and harness the power of the Internet of Things, this is the year for you to get started.

The bigger the jump to JACE 8000, the more you’ll save. Don’t wait - the program end December 1, 2018.

Contact Jackson Control today to get started - 800.772.9859

FLASH Tech Tip - Facility Explorer Field Controllers with Version 6.2 Firmware


Subject: FX field controller firmware upgrade packages at version

Firmware upgrade package files at version are now available for upgrading the following Facility Explorer (FX) field equipment controllers that are currently running boot and main code at version 6.2:

  • Advanced Application Programmable Controllers (FX-PCAs)

  • General Purpose Programmable Controllers (FX-PCGs)

  • Expansion Input/Output Modules (FX-PCXs)

  • Programmable Variable Air Volume Box Controllers (FX-PCVs)

The firmware upgrade is cumulative and includes the firmware updates from version


The firmware upgrade fixes the controller issues summarized in the following table.

Table 1: Summary Resolved Issues

tech tip.png

Firmware Package Location

Download the firmware package files by logging into the HVAC Navigator website:


Under FX-Pro Community, go to Software Downloads > FX-PCT Application Files. The file to download is FXFieldControllerPackageFiles6.2.2.6.zip


Programming and Commissioning Tool (FX - PCT) Version 10.3


Import the firmware package files into FX-PCT 10.3. After the import, the firmware is available in Release Mode 10.2. Upgrade the firmware of any affected field controller that contains main code version 6.2.x.x. Refer to the Instructions below and Controller Tool Help (LIT - 12011147) for more details.


To import the firmware package files in FX-PCT and upgrade a field controller:

  1. Download the FXFieldControllerPackageFiles6.2.2.6.zip package file to your hard drive from the Firmware Package Location provided above

  2. From the downloaded zip file, extract the contents of the zip files to this location: C:\ProgramData\JohnsonControls\MetasysIII\Field Controller Packages. This is the location where FX-PCT expects package files. If prompted to overwrite existing files, select Yes to all. It is safe to overwrite the older files.

  3. Launch FX-PCT.

  4. From the FX-PCT main window, click Define Hardware. Select Packages tab.

  5. Click Import, and select the zip files for the controllers that you want to update4 with new firmware. (You unpacked these files in Step 2.)

  6. On the Define Hardware window, click Close.

  7. Upload the application in the controller to FX-PCT before downloading the new boot code and main code.

    IMPORTANT: When you download the main code to the controller, the application code in the controller is deleted. Uploading the application prior to downloading allows you to reinstall it on the field controller.

  8. Download boot code, main code, and the application to the field controller. Refer to Loading Devices section in the Controller Tool Help (LIT -12011147) for directions on downloading to a field controller.

  9. Use the Load Summary Screen in the Load Wizard to confirm that the version of boot code and main code (the new firmware version number) is Refer to the Loading Devices section of the Controller Tool Help (LIT - 12011147) for more information.

Firmware Update Contents

The FXControllerPackageFiles_6.2.2.6.zip file contains the following files and folders.

  • FXControllerPackageFiles6.2.2.6: folder that contains files required for updating firmware

  • Flash Sheet: FX Field Controller Firmware Upgrade Packages at Version (LIT-2018F029)

Tech Tips Kick Off!

Tech Tips Photo.png

To kick off Jackson Control Tech Tips, we are going to give you information regarding a question that we have been getting asked around Jackson Control headquarters.

Q: Will Niagara 4.6 run on my Window's Server ‘X’

A: See the platform requirements below for Niagara 4.6

Niagara 4 Supervisors may run acceptably on lower-rated platforms, or may even require more powerful platforms, depending on the application, number if data points integrated, data poll rate, number of con-current users, performance expectations, etc.

  • Processor: Intel Xeon CPU E5-2640 x64 (or better), compatible with dual– and quad-core processors

  • Operating System: Windows 7 professional/Enterprise/Ultimate (32 and 64 bit), Windows 8.1 Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate (32 and 64 bit) Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit), Windows Server 2012 R2 (SP2) Standard/Enterprise, Windows Server 2016, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4

  • Memory: 6 GB minimum, 8 GB or more recommended for larger systems

  • Hard Drive: 4 GB minimum, more recommended depending on archiving requirements

  • Display: Video card and monitor capable of displaying 1024 x 768 pixel resolution or greater

  • Network Support: Ethernet adapter (10/100 Mb with RJ-45 connector)

  • Connectivity: Full-time high-speed ISP connection recommended for remote site access (i.e., T1, ADSL, cable modem) and IPv6 compliant

Platform requirements for older versions of Niagara Supervisors are included in the release notes for each particular version.