Honeywell Excel 5000 Product Discontinuation Announcement

(XL50, XL100, XL Smart I/O, XL Touch, XL10, XL12, XL15, XCL8010AU)

This communication serves as formal notification by Honeywell Building Technologies (Honeywell) of its decision to end of life the Excel 5000 controller family products described in detail below.

The Excel 5000 family has been a valued Honeywell product line for over 20 years. The ‘End of Life’ decision for these part numbers was made as part of their on-going product lifecycle management process. The controllers that Honeywell continues to offer for sale, including the Spyder, Stryker, LCBS and CIPer families, provide competitive solutions for a wide range of applications and the controller portfolio is continually being enhanced with new product introductions. Please reference the link below for affected material.

Jackson Control will accept ‘Last Time Buy’ orders of affected part numbers until November 13, 2019. No orders will be accepted after this date. ‘Last Time Buy’ orders will be non-cancellable and non-returnable. Acceptance of ‘Last Time Buy’ orders is subject to product availability and will be made at the discretion of Honeywell. Last time buy orders will be fulfilled on a first-in, first-out basis. Based upon anticipated last time buy demand and current production capacity, customers should anticipate 3 to 6 months for fulfillment of new orders. If a warranty claim is made on any of the affected products, Honeywell will issue a credit in accordance with the credit procedure set forth in the Honeywell Building Management Systems Warranty Policy in place of making a like-for-like replacement or repairing the affected product.

Potential Excel 5000 Substitute products:
• CIPer Model 50 Controller with IF-LON2 (LON Interface Module)
• WEBS Spyder LON Controllers (I.E. PUL402xx, PUL4024xx, PVL4022xx)
• WEBS 800x “JACE” integration controller combined with Spyder Controllers

Note: At this time, Honeywell plans to continue to make available LNS Plug-Ins for XL10/XL12 configuration, but Honeywell reserves the right to discontinue LNS Plug-Ins for XL10/XL12 configuration at its discretion. No further LNS Plug-In development is planned. LNS Plug-Ins require the use of Windows 7 and LNS server 3.27.

Honeywell Price Increase - Effective August 29th, 2019


Honeywell BMS is announcing a product price adjustment effective Monday, August 26th, 2019. While the weighted increase is less than 2.5%, some products have remained at current price levels and some may see higher increases due to amplified external pressures.

To place an order on or before August 23rd to ensure old pricing, call 317-231-2200 or email your order to

Tech Tip: Honeywell WebVision Appliance Available on WEB - 8000


Honeywell has announced that the WebVision Appliance is now available on the WEB-8000 controller hardware platform as a replacement for existing projects. They have kept the same familiar look and feel of the WebVision user interface so there is no need for training. The legacy WebVision (WWA-VLA1000/U) is no longer available as the hardware (JACE-6) that supported it went obsolete. WebVision appliance is now supported on Niagara AX-3.8213.

WebVision communicates over the LonWorks network to perform building management control of various devices through a web browser. This appliance acts as an offline configuration tool that configures a project that consists of unitary controllers.

Since the new WebVision is based on a restricted product, these units can only be sold by Authorized System Distributors to WEBs contracts or LCBS contractors who initially installed WebVision with the older hardware (JACE-6).

How to purchase the New WebVision

Unlike the previous version of the WebVision, there is no single part number to purchase the new WebVision. The link above includes the components of the replacement WebVision. In addition to the hardware controller, each application needs the software maintenance, wall mount power supply and LON module. Finally, you would need to get the WebVision license with the part number WV-8000-LIC.

Tech Tip: Niagara Web Launcher is Available for Download!


Dear Valued Partner,

As previously communicated, Oracle announced the end-of-life of Java SE 8 (Standard Edition). Free public updates for commercial users are no longer available. Customers accessing Niagara with the Java Applet/Web Start are impacted by this change. Those who have upgraded to full HTML5 versions for your browser front-end will not be affected. For customers who use the Java VM and Java Web Start for their legacy systems, Tridium has developed a suitable alternative, the Niagara Web Launcher.

The Niagara Web Launcher is now available for download. You can download the Niagara Web Launcher using the following links. 

Niagara Web Launcher support is included with the following builds:

  • 4.4U3 - Included in ( Release notes found here

  • 4.7U1 - Included in ( Release notes found here

A patch for Niagara AX 3.8 U4 (3.8.401) is available for download here

  • File name: web.jar

  • File version: 3.8.403.1

  • Note: If you do not have Niagara Community access, please contact your OEM partner to download these files.

Documentation is available in the Niagara Software Center. A short video on the Web Launcher is available here

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What versions are available for this?
A: AX 3.8U4 and higher, N4.4U3, 4.7U1 and higher. The updates will be in the upcoming N4.8 release and any future AX releases. 

Q: Is documentation available?
A: Yes, documentation is available in the Niagara Software Center

Q: Will I have to install an application on client platforms?
A: Yes, the updates to the web module will provide end users with an application download and start-up link. 

Q: How will I get the Niagara Web Launcher?
A: Contact your Niagara partner to get the appropriate jar files.

Q: Will the JRE for Niagara Supervisor and JACEs still be Oracle J2SE?
A: The supervisor and JACE JRE will not be changed as a part of releasing the Niagara Web Launcher.

Q: Will there be some impact (specific bugs, performance, memory) in running 2 different JREs?
A: We do not expect any issues. 

Thank you for your support. We will continue to do everything we can to make these transitions in the natural life cycle of software products like Java engine as seamless and pain-free as possible for you and your end-customers.

Tech Tip: Honeywell WEBs N4 Security 2.4 Release

WEBs Enterprise Security 2.4 available today!

The full-featured enterprise security solution proven in previous Niagara versions is available on the powerful Niagara 4.6 platform.

With WEBs Enterprise Security, you can seamlessly integrate access control, identity, video surveillance, intrusion and visitor management systems with other building automation services such as lighting, HVAC and energy management all using powerful Niagara framework capabilities.

WEBs Enterprise Security features have been migrated from the AX platform to the Niagara 4.6 platform. These features include advanced threat-level management, integrated photo ID, LDAP database integration, and ISOM database API with Easy Lobby integration.

WEBs Enterprise Security 2.4 licensing is consistent with the Niagara 4 licensing scheme. Use the same JACE 8000 and Supervisor parts you use for building automation applications and add security licensing. Niagara Enterprise Security devices are excluded from global capacity licensing.

New N4 Security Part Numbers

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 10.38.35 AM.png


What version of Niagara is Niagara Enterprise Security 2.4 compatible with?

Niagara Enterprise Security version 2.4 is compatible with Niagara 4.6.

What new features are offered in this version?

The same Niagara Enterprise Security features available in our previous version are now supported on the Niagara 4.6 platform. You can utilize standard Niagara 4.6 features such as the HTML5 live alarm console and enhanced cyber security.

Where do I find the WEBs N4 Enterprise Security Release and Documentation?

You can find the release on the new Buildings Forum under: Buildings Forum<HoneywellWEBs<WEBs-N4 Software Release < N4 Security Software Releases

For access to the new Buildings Forum, please see attached bulletin (19-0011) for instructions.

How has the licensing changed when compared to the AX version?

The licensing is now consistent with the Niagara 4 licensing scheme. Niagara Enterprise Security licensing for both the JACE 8000 and Supervisor are now added to base Supervisor and JACE models. There is no longer a “Security Supervisor” or “Security JACE”. You simply add a security license to any Niagara 4 Supervisor or JACE 8000 license.

Have any of the AX features been discontinued?

Yes, the RapidEye DVR and Dedicated Micros NVR drivers have not been migrated to Niagara 4.

Is the MAXPRO camera driver available for N4 Security?

MAXPRO driver is currently in beta-testing phase and is expected to be released by the end of Q2.

How are SMAs incorporated into Enterprise Security?

SMAs for N4 WEBs Enterprise Security are the same SMAs that are used for all N4 applications.

Example: 10 SEC/BAS WEB-8000 Connections:

  • WEB-S-10-N4: Supervisor 10 Niagara networks

  • SSUP-10-SMA-INIT: Supervisor 10 – 18 mo. Maintenance

  • SEC-SUP-32: Security application for Supervisor

Have java dependencies been eliminated in the browser interface?

Most Niagara Enterprise Security views do not require a java applet. There are still some views that do require the applet in the browser. The applet is still required for viewing video and capturing photos for integrated photo ID. Eliminating java dependencies in the browser is planned for a future release.

How do I upgrade an AX version Niagara Enterprise Security project to the current version?

This release does not include station migrators and support for the legacy security JACE 601/602/616 models. We plan to release station migrators and support the legacy security JACE on the N4 Supervisor in the near future. The legacy JACE will not be migrated to Niagara 4, but will be supported on the Niagara 4 Enterprise Security Supervisor. In the meantime, we will continue to create new AX version builds to keep your system up to date with the latest supported version of Niagara AX.

What JACE platform is supported for Niagara Enterprise Security?

The same currently supported JACE 8000 used for building automation and integration is also supported for Niagara Enterprise Security. The Niagara Enterprise Security license may be added to any JACE 8000 license and provides capacity for up to 32 card readers and 16 security modules. The same modules used for previous versions of the security product are also used for the current product.

How do I get trained on N4 Enterprise Security?

Tridium offers training on Niagara Enterprise Security 2.4. Please visit Tridium University for class dates and costs.

Where do I buy Security Accessory parts such as card readers, IP Cameras, Etc.?

  1. Any Honeywell Security Distributor

  2. Jackson Control, a national Honeywell Security Distributor

    • Email:

    • Phone: 800.772.9859

What Operating Systems has WEBs N4 Enterprise Security been tested with?

  1. Win Server 2012 R2 x64 Enterprise Edition

  2. Win 10 x64 Enterprise Edition

  3. Windows 8.1 64 bit Enterprise Edition

  4. Windows 10x86 Enterprise Edition

  5. Win Server 2016 x64 standard Edition

More Information

Building Controls Systems:

Other Products:

Order Literature:

Tech Tip: Notice of Weather Underground Service Discontinued

Weather Underground .png

Dear Valued Partner,

As you are aware, Weather Underground discontinued free service as of December 31, 2018. This impacts users who have been using a free Weather Underground key in conjunction with our WUnderground Provider.

We have been notified that as of April 1, 2019 this free service will no longer be available. Over the first quarter of 2019 we have been able to keep Weather Underground service available to Niagara customers through temporary keys. As we previously communicated, we were in negotiations to provide a reliable service for our customers for the rest of 2019 through Tridium. Ultimately, we have not been able to come to an agreement but will continue to work on a solution.

Through the Niagara Community we are aware of alternative options to receive weather from other service providers. Note, the National Weather Service provider will continue to work North America users.

We apologize for any inconvenience of disruption. Please contact your Tridium representative if you have any questions.

FLASH Tech Tip - Java Web Start as of February 13, 2019


As previously communicated by Triidum, Oracle has announced the pending end-of-life of Java SE 8 (Standard Edition). As of January 2019, free public updates are no longer available. Customers accessing Niagara with the Java Applet/Web Start will be impacted by this change. Those who have upgraded to full HTML5 versions for their browser front-end will not be affected. For customers who use the Java VM and Java Web Start for their legacy systems, Tridium is actively developing a suitable alternative.  

UPDATE: Starting with the April 2019 scheduled quarterly critical patch update from Oracle, Commercial Users will have access to updates through My Oracle Support for their Java Applet/Web Start. Or users can begin utilizing the Niagara alternative, Niagara Web Launcher, which is currently scheduled to be available in mid-March.   

Please review this video to get a better understanding of what to expect. 

To assist in understanding the potential impact to your system, please review the FAQ section below. 

Warning message displayed when installing a Java Update:


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will my system stop working?
A: No, your application will continue to work as long as you have your Java Run-Time Engine (JRE) installed. However, you will not receive future security updates after the January 2019 update.

Q: Does this affect Niagara Workbench?
A: No, this does not affect Workbench users.

Q: Does this affect my Niagara Supervisor or JACE?
A: No, Tridium is still providing security updates for these platforms.

Q: Does this affect the web browser I use to access my Niagara system?
A: Yes, this impacts the JRE used in your browser if you are still using Java based views.

Q: Do I need to upgrade my installed version of Java?
A: Our replacement product will not use the version of Java currently installed on your system. Tridium will provide an up-to-date version for use by our application. Please consult with your IT department about updating your locally installed version as changes may impact products from other vendors. 

Q: Which version of Java does the Niagara Web Launcher support?
A: Java 8

Q: Will there be a cost for this new application? 

A: At this time, there will not be a cost for this new application. This is subject to change.

Q: Which versions are supported?
A: AX 3.8 and forward; Niagara 4.4u1 and forward.

Q: Will I have to make changes to my applications?
A: Yes, you will need to update certain modules to provide end users with an application download and start-up link. More information will be provided once the alternative is available.

Q: How will I get the Niagara Web Launcher?
A: Contact your Niagara partner to get the appropriate JAR files.

Q: Will the JRE for Niagara Supervisor and JACEs still be Oracle J2SE?
A: The supervisor and JACE JRE will not be changed as a part of releasing the Niagara Web Launcher.

Q: Will there be some impact (specific bugs, performance, memory) in running two different JREs?
A: We do not expect any issues. 

For additional information from Oracle, check out the Java SE Support Roadmap and the Oracle Java SE 8 Release Notes

Tech Tip: Honeywell IO-R Quality Alert


Honeywell has just announced an IO-R Quality Alert. Read below to see if you could be impacted.

If you purchased IO-R-34 with date code ranges from 1804 to 1844, your IO-R-34 units could be impacted by this quality alert. Tridium has observed increased returns for our IO-R-16 and IO-R-34 products and we updated the IO-R-34 product to resolve this issue. 

Changes were made in the power supply on the IO-R-34 to prevent a failure to turn on for some units. This failure is usually experienced during first time start up and commissioning. If an IO-R-16 was installed and powered from an IO-R-34 when it fails, it too could also be damaged.  

Impacted units exhibit the following behavior:

  • IO-R unit fails to power up. The green status LED doesn't light up. 

What should I do if I have an impacted unit? 

  • If your unit has failed please contact your Jackson Control representative

  • If your unit has not yet been installed, please contact Jackson Control support for more information about inspecting/initiating a return.

  • If you have already installed a unit and it is in use, it is unlikely you will be impacted by this failure. However, if you wish to exchange units for an updated IO-R unit, please contact Jackson Control.